Best Exercises for Stress


Work, family, bills, housework; all included in a long list of aspects in life that cause stress. Escaping all of these responsibilities seems impossible, but it is important to find the time. Exercise becomes a vice for many people needing to step away from life’s chaos and focus on their individual needs. Doctors agree that exercise is a great method of stress relief, with certain types becoming increasingly useful. While any kind of exercise is great for overall health, these few styles have proven to more efficiently eliminate stress.


High Energy Exercises

Being overwhelmed usually builds energy levels and being able to release such energy quickly, helps alleviate some of the stress induced weight. Through activities such as running, cycling, and dancing, great deals of energy, as well as endorphins, are being released, a positive for those internalizing stress. Achieving maximum exhaustion also contributes to better night’s sleep, which stress was likely causing the opposite. For athletic individuals and those who enjoy sports, joining an adult league is a great way to sweat it out for an hour or so, while also coinciding with others who are not a part of an everyday routine.


Calming Exercises

Those looking to calm and sooth their frantic minds, finding a relaxation exercise may benefit more than a high level workout. Yoga has become a huge phenomenon over the past decade, likely due to its ability in calming the mind and body. When stressed, the body naturally tenses all muscles and finding a way to unwind is crucial to overall health. The breathing and stretching techniques yoga provides is a great way to loosen any tension the body may be carrying from stress. Other exercises, not as harsh on the body can include swimming and Tai Chi.


Martial Arts

Stress and anger go hand-in-hand in many situations and being able to discharge any feelings of aggression is important. Participating in a wide variety of martial arts classes gives someone the opportunity to punch, kick, or hit out any rage they may have contained within themselves. Many types of martial arts not only include great cardiovascular exercises, but help with self-discipline and techniques of self-defense. When practiced at high levels of intensity, most forms of mixed martial arts help to implement a well-rounded workout routine.


With the amount of tasks people take on during their lifetime, becoming stressed every once in awhile is inevitable. Finding the best ways to relieve stress and let out any other emotions building up helps contribute to overall better health. There are many forms of exercise that people use to help lift any tensions in their body, and finding the right fit can be stress-free!