Physical activity is important for everyone to incorporate into their lives. Whether it consists of walking your dog or training for a marathon, everyone should take part in a form of physical activity on a regular basis. There are many variations of physical activity. Most forms fall within the category of high-impact and others of low-impact nature. Before partaking in either style of exercise, it crucial to understand the difference between the two. Also knowing your body and its ability to withstand certain force is key before beginning any participation in either.


High-Impact Exercise: It is often associated with sports that take a huge toll on the body, such as football. However, high-impact exercise is associated with many more, less-contact exercises. High-impact exercises include everything from running to weightlifting. The jolting movements and force placed on the body in such exercises class them as high-impact.


Best high-impact exercises include:


  • Running
  • Gymnastics
  • Jumping rope
  • Rock climbing
  • Burpees
  • High-impact sports (football, soccer, basketball)


Low-Impact Exercise: Some of the most important exercise for our body involves little to no impact on our joints and bones. Low impact exercises are great for older individuals, as well as those who have preexisting conditions that limit their physical activity. These exercises are less efficient when it comes to building muscle and giving bones the stimulation they require. This is due to the fact that they exercise puts less force and impact onto the body.


Best low-impact exercises include:


  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Walking
  • Cycling (indoor or outdoor)
  • Rowing
  • Elliptical training


Regardless of which exercise style you choose, you should always know how to balance the two. Understanding that there are negatives and positives that come with both exercises is important to achieving optimal health. For example, knowing that constantly doing high-impact exercises may take a negative effect on your body is important. Many people choose to supplement low impact exercises a few times a week, as to eliminate any potential for harming their body. It often will depend on the individual, but finding a balance between the two styles can lead to a long and healthy life for many.