Animals that are brought into the home as pets, quite literally become a part of the family. Owners become responsible for the life of another living being. When caring for these creatures, many develop strong and unbreakable relationships. While keeping us humans entertained with their silly antics, being the parent to a pet also has many benefits to our overall health.




In the past, it was a common thought that children raised in homes with pets would likely develop more allergy and asthma symptoms. However, recent studies have now contradicted that thought. Children who are raised in homes with furry animals have proven to have less allergy and asthma symptoms than those without. Pediatric researcher, James Gern, believes that the hair and dirt left behind from furred animals allows children to develop stronger immune systems . Additional studies also showed that kids with pets in the home were less likely to suffer from eczema.


Dogs for the Elder


There have been many studies conducted to show relation between pets and senior citizens. These studies proved that Alzheimer’s patients were less likely to have moments of anxiety when they have a pet in their home. Even elders who do not suffer from neurological disease can benefit from owning a pet. For those in good enough shape to walk a dog, having one can encourage consistent exercise. In older age, companionship can help boost spirits and even lengthen life.


Mental Health


For those already suffering from depression, many therapists will recommend getting a pet. Not only does it give you a sense of responsibility but most animals provide an unconditional love towards their owners. By giving owners a sense of purpose, pets are providing mental stability and they have no idea they are doing so. Animal Assisted Therapy is gaining popularity among physical and mental health patient. The results pertaining to quality of life before and after gaining a pet are outstanding.


As humans we may be providing means of life for our furry friends, but in reality, they give us a reason to wake up everyday. Even on our worst days, our pets will never judge or turn against us. Whether you are already a pet owner or considering bringing one into your home, remember how much you can do for one another.