We’ve all been there. Running around the kitchen looking for a last minute snack to take on the road. Whether it’s grabbing a granola bar or a piece of fruit, eating the same on-the-go snacks becomes boring. For someone always on the move, finding time to make healthy and portable snacks is a challenge. Everyone wishes the had the time to sit around and make kale chips and oatmeal bars from scratch. Here are a few ideas for those wanted to incorporate a healthy snack into their day with minimal effort.

Veggies in a Jar:


The most convenient on-the-go snacks usually are food you can eat with your hands. Many vegetables, once sliced, are great tools for dipping purposes. Once cut, the veggie and dipping combinations options are endless. You could use a peanut butter jar that is mostly finished and stick celery right into the jar for easy transport. Mason jars recently became a popular means for transporting food and drink. By filling the bottom of the jar one with a favorite dipping sauce and sticking veggies into the dip, you create a portable snack. Hummus makes a great base for the jars and goes well with more much than vegetables.

Smorgasbord Trail Mix:


Don’t throw away that tiny bit of popcorn left at the bottom of the bag! Making your own trail mix from last drops of various snacks is a savvy snack for those on the move. Almost anything your stomach desires can go into a snack mix. Everything from pretzels to nuts and dried fruit to chocolate can contribute to an awesome mix. A little bit of everything makes for an ideal travel snack.



A more adventurous take on the sandwich. The fact that wraps are flexible and taste great with savory or sweet items, makes them great contributors to on-the-go snacking. Everything from crunchy granola and apple wraps to throwing leftovers onto a tortilla, gives those on the move lots of savory snack ideas. Wraps are also great for getting kids to eat on the go without a mess. Turning their favorite sandwich into a wrap makes for an exciting spin on their favorites.

Frozen Fruit:


One of the greatest things about fruit is its ability to taste great in fresh or frozen form. Certain fruits like grapes, actually taste more like candy after being in the freezer for a few hours. Other fruits that appeal to the palette once frigid include; bananas, (which easily blend to make ice cream!) watermelon, (make great popsicles), and pineapple (tastes great in a smoothie and eliminates the need for ice in smoothies).