About Cindy Laquidara

Cindy LaquidaraCindy Laquidara, a long-time resident of the Jacksonville area, is an experienced and venerated attorney. She has held a number of prominent positions throughout her thirty-plus year career.  Cindy served as the Chief Deputy to the General Counsel for the Consolidated City of Jacksonville for over a decade beginning in 1998. In 2010, she transitioned to the role of General Counsel, a position she held until 2014. Currently, Cindy serves as a Partner at Akerman LLP. She is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and earned her JD from Boston College Law School where she was a member the of the Editorial Board of the Law Review.

She has been recognized for her outstanding work throughout her career. Namely, she has won a myriad awards including, but not limited to, Jacksonville Magazine’s Top Legal Professional in 2013, Jacksonville Women Lawyer’s Association Woman Lawyer of the Year in 2005, and The Jacksonville Financial News & Daily Record, Lawyer of the year in 2010. Most recently, Cindy was nominated by Best Lawyer’s and won a spot on 2017’s Best Lawyers in America. This award consists of nominations provided by legal peers and show just how pertinent Cindy Laquidara’s role as a lawyer is in her community.

Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts as the daughter of Italian immigrants, Cindy Laquidara has always appreciated the importance of hard-work. However, she has developed a number of hobbies and interests outside of her career, a few of which came as a surprise to Cindy herself. In addition to her love of the outdoors and hiking, Cindy enjoys spending time with her friends, fostering animals, learning about ancient history, and a great cup of coffee.

While Cindy never particularly thought of herself as animal person, she decided to adopt a golden retriever after her son left her house. While she initially was told that her dog, Gabriel, was just four years old, the veterinarian soon informed her that he was, in fact, closer to ten or eleven. Over the next four years, Gabriel proved to be an integral part of Cindy’s life and cemented her affinity for dogs. Later, Cindy agreed to adopt an acquaintance’s pomeranian for some time. She currently serves as a backup foster for a canine organization, and has taken care of several older dogs who, given their age, are less likely to be adopted. Cindy Laquidara has demonstrated her commitment to helping those in need, both animals and humans alike, on both a personal and professional level.

Cindy Laquidara also enjoys learning about the lessons that ancient history, particularly the Roman Empire, has to offer. She enjoys reading about their military success, their societal, political, and technological advancements. Furthermore, she is fascinated by how their teachings and technologies were lost, and then rediscovered and reutilized centuries later.